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Investing in Atlanta Real Estate is profitable. We can show you how.

Are you curious about investing in Atlanta real estate? If so, let's talk about it. The Garcia Collective has extensive experience in all types of investment properties, including Airbnb short-term rentals, long-term rentals, home flips, and more. Our team of experienced realtors can offer real advice based on our real experiences in the Atlanta market.

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How we can help you invest in Atlanta Real Estate

Asses your goals and financials for a profitable investment plan

Every investment property needs a good financial plan highlighting expenses, projected income, and potential profits. Our realty team can provide unique insight on managing a successful investment property in Atlanta.

Finding investment opportunities that match your goals

Finding the right investment property requires a skilled eye and an experienced mind. Once we understand your specific investment goals and financial plans, we can work hard to find the perfect Atlanta investment property for you.

Closing on the perfect Atlanta real estate investment property

At The Garcia Collective, we want to see our clients succeed and will do what it takes to help you close on the right property and leave profits in your pocket.

Real Estate Investment Tips


Research the local real estate market

Take the time to learn as much as you can about the market you're considering buying into. This includes housing prices, rental rates, crime rates, property taxes, unemployment rates, pricing trends, and local income trends.


Know & plan for all the costs

Investment properties have many associated costs including closing costs, rehabbing costs (when flipping), property taxes, maintenance and repairs, and marketing costs. Plan for these costs in your budgets.

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An experienced realty team that own and sell Atlanta investment properties

As certified Realtors ®, Atlanta Airbnb Hosts, and experienced home flippers, we provide a unique perspective to those looking for investment properties in Atlanta.

With our expertise in Atlanta investment property, we serve, educate and guide our clients in finding excellent investment properties.

Certified Realtors®

Atlanta Air Bnb Hosts

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Our expertise extends beyond buying & selling, we invest in Atlanta real estate too

our story

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How we invested in Atlanta short-terms rentals & gained financial freedom with Airbnb

Read our Story

How we invested in Atlanta real estate with home flipping & rennovations

Atlanta Captivating Travel-Themed Home

See the listing

Hapeville, GA Newly Renovated Cozy Home

See the listing

Hapeville, GA Stunning 1920s Renovation

See the listing

Relaxing Nature-Inspired Home Near Airport & City

See the listing

Bright & Modern Renovation Close to it All

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Looking for your own rental property?

As long-term rental owners, we know that rental property has the potential for high passive income. In 2019, The Garcia Collective saw an opportunity to earn even higher passive income with short-term rentals on Airbnb. 

Our first step to becoming Airbnb hosts included lots of research. We spoke to experienced Atlanta Airbnb hosts and ran the financial numbers. Although the upfront investment was high, we projected that we could have a return on the investment within a few months. 

Three years later and many lessons learned, we are proud owners of four Atlanta Airbnbs. Admittedly, managing short-term rentals can be challenging. Still, we love the option to work remotely and earn residual income toward financial freedom. 

Our experience in short-term rentals provides unique insight and rare expertise to our clients. We share our story to help others achieve financial freedom with real estate investments.

Generating passive income with short-term rentals

Our Airbnb Story

3412 Orchard St

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221 Victoria Ln

489 Radar Dr

3275 N Fulton Dr

221 Victoria Lane

221 Victoria Lane

221 Victoria Lane

2717 S Clark Dr

2717 S Clark Dr

2717 S Clark Dr

2717 S Clark Dr

1845 Lyle Ave

3275 N Fulton Ave

489 Radar Dr

489 Radar Dr





Looking for your own fixer-upper or house flip?

Home Renovations

Andy led his first renovation project in 2016 while representing his dad in purchasing a rental property in the City of Hapeville. Andy observed an anomaly for renovated homes in the area. Despite being listed much higher, the renovated homes went under contract quickly, often selling for the full asking price or higher.

Andy's dad was skeptical but ultimately trusted Andy's intuition for a 'fixer-upper' investment property. The first house flip proved to be a great learning lesson. Andy discovered he had a passion for interior design and a talent for transforming abandoned homes into something beautiful. Unfortunately, Andy also learned to plan for the unexpected. The home expenses were 30% higher than budgeted, and renovations took one month longer than anticipated. 

To recover from the unplanned expenses, Andy listed the home higher than other comparables in the community. So naturally, Andy was anxious it would not sell. Still, to his surprise, the house received multiple offers in the first weekend.  

Over the last six years, Andy and The Garcia Collective have proudly renovated over 20 homes in 7 different cities. Andy's experience in construction jobs provides invaluable expertise to clients interested in 'fixer-uppers' or home flip investments.

Finding success with home flips and fixer-uppers

Our Rennovation Story

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Not all talk, our client will tell you

"Melissa was a delight to work with. She was very attentive and made sure to answer any and every question we had. She’s very friendly and down to earth. It honestly felt like I was working with family. Will definitely be working with her in the future."

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"It honestly felt like I was working with family..."

"One of the best real estate agents I’ve ever worked with he went above and beyond to help us through the process of preparing the house for sale and keeping us informed due to us being out of state, Andy is a complete professional and we whole heartedly recommend him"

Jose & Lucia Flores


"went above and beyond to help us through the process of preparing the house for sale"

"Andy Garcia is a fantastic Realtor . You can depend on him 24/7 and ready to answer your calls at any time you call. He respect his client, offer professional advice, has very good negotiation skills and very dependable Realtor."

Adelaida O.


"...You can depend on him 24/7..."

"What an exceptional experience! I was looking for an agent to sell my home and help me find a new one. Jennifer Garcia was recommended to me from a client. Jennifer took care of my questions and concerns through the whole process. She was time efficient and reliable. I sold my house and bought a new one in three months! I highly recommend her!"

Martha R.


"...I sold my house and bought a new one in three months..."

"Jennifer has great responsive skills. I was in the process of moving across the country and needed to sell my home within a month. She was able to get several offers and help my close my house in a quick and efficient manner."

Audrey R.


"...She was able to get several offers and help my close my house in a quick and efficient manner..."

"She is Awesome! Will use her again! I must say she was always prompt, professional, responsive and courteous. It was difficult moving from my home but a necessity that Jennifer made simple, fast and easy. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for optimal results."

Lynette B.


"...She was able to get several offers and help my close my house in a quick and efficient manner..."

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