First Time Atlanta Home Buyer?

Purchasing your first home in Atlanta doesn't have to be scary. We are ready to help!

Calling all Millennials and first-time home buyers: homeownership is not just for day dreamers. Buying your first home can be your reality, too! The Garcia Collective educates (in a way that actually makes sense), guides step-by-step, and serves first-time home buyers in Atlanta.

Your age, background, or native language should never be a barrier to homeownership. We mean that; read our 5-star Zillow reviews.

we would love to help! 

How we help first-time home buyers in Atlanta, GA

Help you create real estate goals based on your lifestyle

The first step to homeownership in Atlanta is understanding your goals and situation. Whatever your big dream is, our certified Realtors ® will help you plan the steps to achieve it.

Help you discover the right Atlanta community

Atlanta is a diverse, growing city with many communities. Together we will uncover an Atlanta neighborhood that compliments your lifestyle, jives with your work needs, and allows you to achieve your ultimate goals in life.

Finding & closing on your dream Atlanta home

It's no secret that the Atlanta real estate market can be a rollercoaster. No reason to fear; our agents will educate, guide, and serve you every step of the way. Finally, homeownership can be your reality.

First time home buyer tips


Talk to a lender first

The first step to homeownership is talking with a lender and getting pre-approved. Talking to a lender will give you a realistic budget, you'll be taken more seriously, and you'll build an important relationship with your lender.


Shop around for the best rates

You can apply for a mortgage with multiple lenders at the same time without it affecting your credit score. However, there are other ways to shop around. Pro-tip, get pre-approved with one lender, then take your pre-approval letter to other banks to shop for the best rate. This tip saves you time and makes you feel at ease about lenders doing credit pulls.

Drop your email down, we'll send you our 5 home buying questions to ask your agent

Atlanta Realtors® dedicated to making first-time home buying a breeze

We are here for you every step of the way. We will answer ALL your questions and do all the heavy lifting to make this process fun and exciting. 

As certified Realtors® and Atlanta Airbnb Hosts, we educate and guide homebuyers on all aspect of real estate. We are here to help!

Certified Realtors®

Atlanta Air Bnb Hosts

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Not all talk, our clients will tell you

"We were first-time home buyers, and Andy went above and beyond to ensure that we knew where we were at every step of the home-buying process. His knowledge as being a "flipper" himself came in handy to provide insight into the type of home we were looking at in the Historic West End. We look forward to working with Andy again in the future!"

Larissa and Landry


"...His knowledge as being a "flipper" himself came in handy..."

"My experience with Andy was beyond five stars! As a first time home buyer, Andy was informative, responsive, reliable, and professional. He explained the home buying process in a way that I would understand & answered my 347,829 questions in a timely manner. He helped me find the home that met my wants and needs. I found the Garcia Collective through Instagram which shares informative posts on a daily basis & would most definitely recommend them to everyone! Follow them on IG @millennialsinvesttoo!"



"Extremely responsive,knowledgeable and professional. Very happy with my condo and will definitely recommend the Garcia's to other Millennials looking to buy in Atlanta. Very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of my agents Andy and Melissa. They worked closely with me throughout the home-buying process and made sure I understood every step as a first-time buyer. Being available via GroupMe and text whenever I had a question was very reassuring as well. I am loving my new condo in Decatur!"



"My experience with this company was absolutely the best! Jennifer and her team went above and beyond to help me and my family find our perfect home. They were responsive, communicative, and professional. They played a huge factor in helping me and my family buy our first home! I would definitely recommend them especially if you are a first time home buyer. They will be with you every step of the way!


Jesus and Yammy


"...recommend them especially if you are a first time home buyer..."

"Definitely the best real estate agent I could have asked for. I was never lost during any part of the process, and if I ever had any questions, Jennifer was quick to answer and explained all the options in detail. She helped me negotiate a great deal on my first home, and I'm very grateful that she was patient and optimistic despite the financial issues I had with my lender."



"...helped me negotiate a great deal on my first home..."

"Being new to the home buying process, my wife and I were grateful for a fantastic realtor. Andy answered all of our (many) questions along the way and made the process a breeze. Andy went above and beyond by preparing documents, answering questions, and sending suggestions well past any reasonable working hours. We highly recommend Andy for anyone wishing to work with a friendly, prompt, and reliable realtor!"

Evan and Emily


"...answered all of our (many) questions along the way..."

"Andy and Jennifer were amazing with assisting us purchasing our first home. They made the whole process smooth and easy! Andy made sure all of our requirements and needs were met and he was great resolving all the issues we came across. We bought in confidence with Andy's help!"

Viktor & Annissa


"...he was great resolving all the issues we came across..."

"Jennifer and Cameron went above and beyond to help me buy my first home. I am so thankful for their hard work and the dedication I received! They never left my side and stuck by me to make this possible. They were very knowledgeable and amazing at explaining everything every step of the way. I look forward to working with them again in the future."

Jennifer Jimenez & Family


"...very knowledgeable and amazing at explaining everything..."

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