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When your life changes...your house situation may need to change too. The Garcia Collective is an experienced Atlanta realty team that will formulate the best plan to accommodate your new lifestyle or expand your property portfolio.

Our certified Realtors® will educate, guide, and serve you through home buying in Atlanta. For those who plan to buy and sell, The Garcia Collective may offer special discounts. 

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How we help experienced home buyers in Atlanta, GA

Help you create real estate goals based on your lifestyle

As a current homeowner, you know that real estate can offer many financial benefits. Together, we will establish your goals to expand on the financial freedoms Atlanta real estate can offer.

Formulate the best offer in your pocket

Expanding your real estate portfolio may have many moving parts, especially if you plan to sell your current home. We will meticulously arrange every detail on both sides to ensure a smooth process.

Finding & closing on your dream Atlanta home

The Atlanta real estate market can quickly shift between a 'buyer's market' and a 'seller's market.' Fear not, at The Garcia Collective, we work tirelessly to find and close on the house of your dreams.

Experienced home buyer tips


Don't try to time or beat the market

However well intended, no one can predict the housing market, so neither should you. The best time to buy is when you're financially and mentally ready to take the next step.


Talk to a lender and create a budget

Securing financing for a second or third home can look slightly different. First, talk to a lender for pre-approval and create a budget to plan out your next steps, especially if you also plan to sell your current home.

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An Atlanta realty team with experience in property portfolios

As certified Realtors® and Atlanta Airbnb Hosts, we know exactly how to guide experienced homebuyers in expanding their property portfolio. 

With a team of diverse skills, we are the only realtors you'll need to achieve your real estate goals in Atlanta. We are ready to help!

Certified Realtors®

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Not all talk, our client will tell you

"Working with Andy and his team was easy. The best real estate company I have ever dealt with. Would never consider going to anyone else. Very professional, experienced and helpful agents. Highly recommend."

Ivan Huerta


"The best real estate company I have ever dealt with."

"Melissa was born to be a real estate professional! At every stage in the process, she was more attuned to my needs than I was myself. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the Atlanta market and has a knack for finding hidden gems that will make you fall in love. She was able to get my dream home for $25,000 under the listed price, which in this market is nothing short of miraculous. Without any doubts or reservations, I will continue to do business with Melissa."

jmrlcc household


"...She was able to get my dream home for $25,000 under the listed price..."

"Jennifer was AMAZING from the start of the process all the way to the end! She is very knowledgeable and all for what the client needs! She listens and gives you exactly what you need. The process was super easy and she was ALWAYS available for any question that I had! There was never a point in the process that I did not know what was going on. She did great at explaining every step of the way! And most importantly she really cared about finding the perfect home for me just as much as I did ! Thank you for your services Jennifer!"

Liliana S.


"My experience with Jennifer exceeded all of my lengthy expectations. She was highly knowledgable, patient, and a constant professional with me throughout my entire home buying process. She worked long hours to help me find my dream home and within two months we were set to close on it in 45 days. What I enjoyed the most was her very honest transparency, and that she was very flexible to my specific needs and wants. I have already referred her services to two of my friends, and a family member as well. When I buy my next house it will be with Jennifer!"

Oliver C.


"Jennifer was extremely helpful throughout the entire home buying process. She went above and beyond to ensure I understood everything. (Home buying can be super confusing!) She always trusted my instinct and got me into the perfect home for me. There were times were I doubted my choices and would ask Jennifer to make some last minute changes to offers and she did so without missing a beat. With the market moving so quickly, it is important to have a realtor that can move just as quick and Jennifer is just the person to do so!"

Lauren A.


Jennifer’s expertise is second to none. You can tell she has vast knowledge and experience of doing business in real estate. She was always available to discuss my situation and answer any questions that I had throughout the home buying process. She truly made it seamless for me as her client. From the beginning to end she followed through and kept her word. She is definitely going to get my business in the future and I highly recommend anyone else in the market to use her. She is dependable, honest, and listens to your needs/wants extremely well! If you choose to go with Jennifer Garcia as your real estate agent, I guarantee she will not disappoint!!"

William M.


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